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  • 26 September 2012

    Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Sydney has been informed of a number of cases of attempted extortion of money directed at the members of the Polish community in Australia.

    Those cases typically target elderly people and involve phone calls from Poland or other European countries by alleged family members asking for financial aid. The callers usually claim to be relatives of the victims and say that they are in urgent need of cash because of, e.g.: serious health problems and the resulting costs of treatment, problems with revenue services, problems during an overseas trip, lucrative deals related to purchasing a car or an apartment and the necessity to make a down payment, etc. The callers sometimes claim their voice sounds unfamiliar because it is altered due to a cold or for other reasons and ask for the money to be sent to a different address than the well-known family one, for a variety of reasons (lack of time, alleged reception of the money by a friend or partner, etc.). In many cases the calls are repeated many times and the callers are very insistent.

    The Consulate recommends exercising extreme caution in case of receiving calls of the nature described above as well as reporting them to the local police.

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