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  • The matters related to the effectiveness of foreign judgments in civil cases on the territory of Poland are regulated by art. 1145-1149 of the Code of Civil Procedure, which after being amended came into force on 1 July, 2009. If a judgment was rendered after this date and fulfills the requirements specified in the above-mentioned provisions, it is recognized automatically (ex lege).

    In case of an application for making a note to a civil status record, the effectiveness is assessed by the Head of the Register Office, in which the application was filed.


    In case of any doubt as to the effectiveness of foreign judgments in civil cases, the concerned person may refer to the regional court in accordance with art. 1148 of the Code of Civil Procedure in order to establish whether this judgment is recognizable under the law or not. All judgments rendered before 1 July 2009 are recognized under the previous conditions: applications for recognition of a foreign divorce judgment should be filed in the regional courts of the last place of residence in Poland. 


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