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    A death certificate issued abroad (e.g. in Australia) may be registered in Polish Registry Office at the request of the concerned person or ex officio. Legal basis - Civil Status Acts Act of 14 November 2014 r. (consolidated text from 2016, Dz. U. item 1688, as amended).


    A transcript of civil status records issued abroad is made in the Registry Office of the applicant’s place of residence. If the applicant has no place of residence in Poland, it is the Registry Office of his/her last place of residence in Poland which has jurisdiction. In case when there is no such a place of residence, a transcript is made by the Register Office of the Capital City of Warsaw.


    An application for registration may be submitted:


    • personally in the competent Polish Register Office,
    • via an authorized person,
    • via the consul.

    A person who intends to make a transcript of a death certificate is obliged to collect the following documents and submit them to the Consulate:


    an application for making a transcript addressed to the Register Office which has local jurisdiction – application form for download


    the original of a death certificate issued by the competent foreign Register Office.

    A death certificate issued by the Australian Register Office should be Apostilled.


    a translation of the death certificate made by a local translator (then, the translation is certified by the consul) or by a Polish sworn translator.


    The submitted documents are not returned. After registration of a death certificate, the consul delivers a Polish copy of a civil status record.




    A register of translators making translations from English into Polish (a register of translators); a translation may also be prepared by a person who is not registered but who is entitled to make translations.

    Apostille – may be obtained in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in each State. Addresses are available on the website:

    The time of processing is approximately 3 months.



    81 AUD – preparation of the documentation concerning registration of a foreign civil status record in Polish civil status registers and delivery of a Polish copy of a civil status record issued on that basis.

    49 AUD – certification of a translation by the consul.

    The fees may be paid in cash, by bank cheque or money order. The Consulate of the Republic of Poland does not accept personal cheques.

    You may also register civil status records personally or via a person in Poland authorized by you to register civil status records in the Register Office in Poland.

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