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    According to Polish Passport Act of 28th of August 2006 and obligation of scanning fingerprints, applications for new passports must be submitted in person. It is recommended to submit applications for new passports well in advance of the expiry date of the current passport.



    1.  Completed and legibly signed passport application form (available at the Consulate only).

    2. The most recent Polish passport issued after the year 2003. Owners of passports issued before the year 2003 should present a document confirming their Polish citizenship (information about the requirements to obtain such a document is available under Polish citizenship section). If the passport has already expired, another ID document with a photo (Polish Identity Card or Australian passport) needs to be presented.

    3.  One passport photo: One recent color photo with dimensions of 35x45mm take in the last 6 months; presenting the person in clear focus from a frontal and symmetrical position, on a plain white background, showing natural skin colour, portraying the eyes and face from the top of the head to the top of the shoulders, so that the face occupies 70-80% of the photo, without a hat or large visible hair accessories or dark glasses, looking ahead with open eyes and brows not covered by hair, with a natural facial expression and closed lips. PPP

    4.   Polish birth certificate (information about obtaining a Polish birth certificate is available under the Civil status section).

    5.  Polish marriage certificate (if applies, information about obtaining a Polish marriage certificate is available under the Civil status section)

    6.  Fee. Passport fees at the Consulate General in Sydney fees can be paid in cash or by money order issued to the Consulate General of Poland in Sydney.

    Biometric 10-year passport – 177 AUD
    Biometric 5-year passport for children only – 57 AUD
    Due to long distance (other States) from the Consulate a new passport may be sent on request by post, additional cost of 15 AUD

    50%  discounts in passport fees are granted for:

    Pupils and students up to 26 years old:  89 AUD (a school/student card must be shown).

    Pensioners and veterans: 89 AUD (valid Polish card or pension receipt.

    For people over 70 years of age - free of charge


    ATTENTION: When applying for passports for minors (children under 18) a valid Polish Passport or Polish Identity Card of one or both parents are to be presented. Both parents and a child over the age of 5 must be present with their IDs when applying for child’s passport. In the absence of consensus between the parents or the inability to obtain consent from one of them, permission to issue the passport is determined by the family court's decision. In cases where data on the birth certificate concerning the child's father was entered on the basis of art. 42 par. 2 of the Civil Status Act (in a situation where paternity has not been acknowledged or established), consent from the child's mother is sufficient.


    The expectation time for collection of the biometric passports is about 3 months.

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